May 21, 2024
We made it to the top!
LCM ranked among best firms in the country

It’s not easy for us to toot our own horn.  In truth, the recognition we care about most comes from our clients—all of you who place your trust in us every day and who share that trust every time you refer us to your friends and family.  That said, when we are called out as leaders in the financial world, we believe it’s something to celebrate.  For us, it means we are achieving our ultimate goal of delivering the best possible service we can to every person and family we serve.

So it is with humble pride that we share the news that Leisure Capital Management has been named as one of America’s Best Financial Advisory Firms in 2024 by USA TODAY.  It’s a notable achievement.  Out of more than 32,000 Registered Investment Advisors (RIAs), just 500 made the list.  Our firm was ranked #2 in California (for advisors with $500M-$1B under management) and #12 in the same category nationwide.  Among all advisors nationwide, regardless of assets under management (AUM), we ranked #80.

What we appreciate most about this particular acknowledgement is that, unlike other major awards in the space, this ranking is based not on the level of AUM alone, but also on short- and long-term growth and, importantly, the number of recommendations from each firm’s clients and peers.  What this tells us is that we’re doing things right for you.

That matters.  From the start, we made a conscious choice to do things a bit differently than other advisors.  And while our approach may have seemed less aggressive to some, the decisions we made when we founded the firm more than two decades ago enabled us to focus on the success of our clients—above all.  Here are just a few of these founding philosophies:

  • We strive for growth and protection.  We’ve been investing long enough to understand the level of risk that goes hand-in-hand with ignoring the protection side of the equation.  When growth is the only goal, risk is not only financial, but personal—especially when investment losses come at just the wrong time.  We balance growth and protection to help you reach your long-term goals, whatever they may be.
  • We don’t chase returns.  As the adage goes, what goes up must come down.  The same is often (though not always!) true in the stock market where volatility is the norm, not the exception.  We know that today’s winners may be tomorrow’s losers.  For that reason, rather than seeking ‘big wins’, we invest for the long term with the goal of ensuring your portfolio is optimally positioned at all times.
  • We are completely independent.  Despite the recent shift toward aggregated firms, we have—and will always be—independent.  With no corporate entity dictating our decisions, we maintain the freedom to structure our portfolios to meet the needs of our clients.  We make every investment decision in-house based on the research and knowledge of our experienced investment committee.  That is the only way we can ensure our ability to always work in your best interest.
  • We have a personal relationship with every client.  Whether you became our friend through our work together or came to work with us because you are a friend, we have a valued and trusted connection.  We take the time to know you and your family, understand the nuances of your finances and your goals, and design an optimal investment strategy to meet your needs.  We know you by name and are here to help whenever you need us.

Today, our team manages more than $700M in client assets.  We have grown from a group of three (Marr, Gideon, and Ray) to a fantastic team of 10 professionals—all dedicated to serving you.  Our clients range in age from their early 20s to their late 90s and reside across the country, from right here in Orange County to the East Coast.  What they have in common is simple: a hunger for insights and guidance to help them make wise investment decisions that generate long-term growth.  That is what we do and why we are here.  The fact that you place your trust in us to help you achieve your goals is more meaningful to us than any award or other recognition we may earn along the way.

Though we always strive to keep you informed about how LCM is evolving, we invite you to read our LCM brochure, including a brief overview of our approach, our team, our portfolio, and our process.  You can find the brochure here.  Of course, if you feel compelled to share it with a friend or two who may be interested in working with us, please do!  As the title of the article in USA TODAY calls out in bold, “Finding a financial advisor can be daunting.”  Your recommendation may make that search easier for someone interested in working with us.

Last year, we were thrilled to be recognized for our client-driven growth when both Forbes and Financial Advisor magazine named us as one of America’s Top RIAs.  This new recognition by USA TODAY is even sweeter—the icing on the cake, if you will, simply because it is thanks to you that we made it to the top.  From all of us here at Leisure Capital Management, thank you!  We truly couldn’t have done it without you.



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