September 28, 2021
How We Serve You
To serve you best, it takes a village

“It takes a village to raise a child.” It’s an ancient African proverb that still rings true for families everywhere. Here at Leisure Capital Management, we have always thought of ourselves as a family. In our case, that family consists of everyone in our growing community of clients, as well as our entire team of financial professionals. And whether you are new to our firm or have been with us for decades, you know that our team is always working together, like a village, to help your family thrive.

That’s very different from how many financial firms operate. At most firms, each advisor works in a sort of silo, sharing resources like administrative support and technology, and occasionally discussing investment strategies together. But, in general, that’s where the collaboration ends. Here’s how our team—our little village—does things differently:

  • We serve you using a team-based approach.
    Though you almost always interact with a single advisor, there is an entire team of professionals working behind the scenes to help support your financial strategy and, ultimately, your success. That begins with a dedicated Client Services staff member who is very familiar with your account, from how to access and provide you with detailed account information, to understanding the nuances of your financial needs and goals. Our Client Services team includes Sandra and Christina. Barb, the newest addition to our growing family, provides administrative and operational support to help boost efficiency and help us meet the needs of every client. This structure ensures you will always speak to someone you know—and we will always provide the information and answers you need, even if they aren’t right at our fingertips.

  • We make our investment decisions together.
    Your portfolio is unique to you, but it is based largely on the work of our investment research team that handles the trading and implementation of portfolio strategies for all accounts. Each week, our investment research team—Marr, Gideon, Ray, John, Patrick, and Avery—sit down together to review the performance of our portfolios and explore opportunities for improvement. They discuss market innovations, new fund offerings, economic projections, and much more. Once everything is on the table, they decide together if changes are needed and, if so, precisely what those changes should be. The result is a cohesive approach to investing that is heavily researched, deeply contemplated, and certainly argued from every angle! Over time, we have seen that putting our heads together rather than working in isolation enables our portfolios and our clients thrive. To learn more about our approach to investing and the strategies we use in almost every portfolio, see How a Balanced Portfolio Protects from Downside Risk, The Upside to a Down Market: Tax-Loss Harvesting, and more in the Insights section of our website.
  • We have a culture of continuity.
    In an industry that is known for constant change, our firm is wonderfully constant. If you’ve read Marr’s article on our origins, you know that Marr, Gideon, and Ray founded the firm together back in 2002—almost 20 years ago. Patrick joined the group in 2008, John in 2010, followed by Sandra in 2011, and Christina in 2015. We continue to grow, but the staying power of that core team brings a level of continuity that is unique. If you want to know even more about our long history, read this article on the one-of-a-kind friendship between Ray and Gideon that dates back to the mid-90s—beginning with a job gone very wrong.

  • We believe in the power of follow-up.
    If you’ve noticed an uncommon level of follow-up from our team—regarding financial transactions, birthdays, and everything in between—it’s because we are passionate about doing what’s right for our clients, every time. We believe that it’s okay not to know everything, that asking for help is always a good thing, and that delivering optimal financial solutions requires consistent diligence and constant attention to detail. Persistence is part of our passion for service. We hope it shows.

Choosing the right team to manage your portfolio is a long-term commitment that requires trust in the strength of your investment strategy, faith that recommendations are always based on your needs and goals, and, perhaps most of all, confidence in the people to get the job done right in the face of obstacles and opportunities. At Leisure Capital Management, we believe it takes a village to serve you well, and we are so glad you choose our village to help you reach your financial goals.


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