November 3, 2023
The ‘home’ where I belong
Introducing the newest member of our team

As the LCM client family continues to grow and thrive, we are thrilled to be growing our team to deliver top service to everyone we serve. Today, we are equally thrilled to announce our newest team member, Eric Shute.

If you’ve yet to meet Eric, you’re not alone. He joined the firm less than a month ago, but it is already abundantly clear that he is poised to be a valuable addition to LCM for many years to come. Happily, ‘finding’ a talent like Eric was much easier than any of us could have hoped for. We had a long list of criteria in place for our ideal candidate, including a high level of experience working in private wealth, key industry credentials, and extensive knowledge in portfolio construction. Adding to the challenge of finding a professional that checked every box was finding someone who was also a perfect fit for our team. Happily, the perfect person fell right into our collective laps when Marr’s son Charlie learned that his long-time friend Eric not only fit the role perfectly, but that he was looking for a new role here in Orange County. After an initial breakfast with Marr and many in-depth discussions—both with Eric and among our team—it was clear the stars had aligned for us all. In August 2023, Eric was invited to join LCM as our new Investment Analyst.

Just a few years ago, even Eric would have been surprised to find himself a part of the team here at LCM.

After finishing his master’s degree in accounting at Southern Methodist University, Eric initially stayed put in Dallas, taking his first professional position at a large, Swiss bank. It was a smart starting point, but there were two key factors pushing him in a new direction. First, he was eager to return to his roots in Orange County. That was easily managed when he was offered a transfer to his employer’s Newport Beach office. The second, however, was more difficult to tackle. 10 years after taking on his first role at the bank, he knew in his heart he was ready to move on. His goal: to find a firm where his skills, commitment to client service, and desire to be part of a unified team were all appreciated. He wanted to find the home where he belonged.

A tall order? Perhaps. But the moment he walked through the doors at LCM, he felt he’d found exactly that. The first thing that struck him were the smiles: “Everyone seemed so genuinely happy!” He soon discovered that the joy he sensed stemmed not just from the easy personalities of everyone here, but from the fact that every member of the team was clearly working toward a common goal. “I’d never seen that before in my career, and I could tell it was a driving force of the whole LCM culture. Here, there are better processes, better communication among the team, and clear, honest communication with our clients. And all that is happening in a beautiful office in my favorite part of the world. For me,” says Eric, “it’s a dream come true.”

Eric’s willingness to learn and his important skills are a bit of a dream for us as well. With a decade of experience in the complexities of private wealth management, his insights are already adding value to our investment research, portfolio construction, and the implementation of our portfolio strategies. Though he has largely been in a training role for the past month, he already feels like part of the team. “Patrick has been wonderfully patient and fantastic at explaining every detail I need to know, all while honoring my experience and knowledge. Even though I’m the ‘new guy,’ I feel valued and like a member of the LCM family. Avery even invited me to attend his upcoming wedding—after just three weeks!”

For the first time in his life, Eric says he looks forward to coming to the office. “I used to love working from home, but the atmosphere at LCM has me excited to be here. It’s great not to have that sinking feeling on Sunday, knowing Monday is just around the corner,” he says. He also appreciates the work/life balance at LCM, a perk that gives him time to enjoy the sports he loves—snowboarding, wakeboarding, golf, beach volleyball, football, baseball, you name it!—and relaxing at his home in Newport Beach with his chocolate Labrador Retriever, Charlie.

For Eric, joining LCM has made every part of his life better. “I feel truly blessed to be working at a firm where I actually look forward to coming to work every day. This I know: I’ve finally found the home where I belong.”

Pictured: Charlie. Eric’s beloved companion


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