The Leisure Capital Guide to Alternative Investments

One of our primary missions at Leisure Capital is to continuously seek out new approaches to continue to grow and protect our clients’ assets. Toward that goal, Patrick Maxwell, our Senior Investment Officer, has been managing our portfolio of alternative investments for nearly a decade. His work in this area is built on his extensive experience in this space, as well as deep research into the individual strategies that are particularly suited to address the needs of our unique client family, including high liquidity, risk mitigation, and improved risk-adjusted return.

If you are like many investors, alternative investments are somewhat mysterious. To demystify this important component of your overall investment strategy, Patrick has written a short eBook on the topic, including what alternative investments are, how we use them, and how they add value to your portfolio. The book also goes into detail on the LCM Alternatives Collection and how we apply these assets to support the various (and evolving) financial objectives of our many clients.

Inquisitive investors want to know how their money is invested—and why. We hope this book achieves the goal of answering your questions in a way that makes alternative investments accessible, understandable, and even a little fun. Enjoy. And, as always, if you have any questions at all, please let us know. We are always at your service.

Some of our readers prefer to use their favorite eBook, and others prefer a PDF version. Both are provided below:

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Giving: A Handbook to Happiness for the Modern Philanthropist

Enabling our clients to give purposefully is part of our core mission at Leisure Capital. Supporting our efforts to accelerate every client’s giving strategy is Giving: A Handbook to Happiness for the Modern Philanthropist.

As a dedicated philanthropist himself, Gideon Bernstein wrote Giving to help anyone with a desire to create positive change in the world explore the role of giving in their own life and create a personal strategy for lifelong philanthropy. In his words, “There will always be people hurting and causes that need our help. There will always be a reason to give your time, talent, and treasure to others. For people of every level of resources, this book will help you think deeply about your approach to giving, put your ideas into action, and rediscover the simply joys of giving to the people and causes that need it most.”

Our hope is that Giving will serve as an inspiration for you and your family to begin the process of defining a plan that enables your to create the greatest possible impact. When you are ready to put that plan into action, we are here to help construct a strategic plan that brings your vision to life.

Giving is available in print and digital formats on Amazon, and all net proceeds are donated to charity. To receive a complimentary copy, please email us at

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