April 6, 2023
We’re making the leap!
Moving April 2023

At LCM, we’re proud to say that change comes slowly. That is largely because, from the start, our methodologies, our values, and our team were designed to be consistent. It is this consistency that has earned us the trust of our clients through many years and multiple generations. And so, it may come as a surprise that we are making a change—small though it may be—that we expect to make a big difference in how we service our growing client family. This month, we are officially moving two floors up into a new office space to hold our growing team. It’s a move that’s been long in the making.

When we opened our doors back in 2002, LCM was comprised of a team of four: Marr, Gideon, Ray, and one administrative assistant. In the years since, the team has grown at a slow and steady pace as we’ve added new roles with unique specialties. The result: the nine of us were squeezing into a space designed for a much smaller ‘family.’ (Yes, it was a bit too cozy, even for us!) So, in late 2019, we began investigating options for a bigger, better space.

Then, of course, along came the pandemic. Like many other businesses, we were forced to transition to a work-from-home model, which later morphed into a hybrid working model where our team rotated at-home and in-office days. We also added Barb to the team during that time. As we prepared to return to a fully in-office environment, it was clear that we simply didn’t have enough space to hold everyone. It was time to put into motion the plans that had been put on hold in 2020. We were ready to find our new ‘home.’

The first decision to be made, of course, was where? Orange County is vast, and the options seemed almost limitless. But as soon as we started exploring our options, we kept finding ourselves right back where we began—at 650 Town Center Drive. It simply made sense. The location is familiar to our clients, offers ample parking, is centrally located (a plus for both our clients and our team), and it’s easy to get to from almost anywhere thanks to its great proximity to the freeway and the airport. In short, it simply can’t be beat. Plus, as business owners, we know the value of great relationships, and we’ve had a great working relationship with the property management company here for years. We decided to stay put.

With our address confirmed and the perfect-sized suite identified, it was time to bring our vision to life. Though this will be no newsflash to anyone who has ever built a home or ventured into a major remodel, putting all the pieces together was much easier said than done. That was especially true in an era of supply chain disruptions and constrained resources. Stories about construction-related complications during the pandemic—from escalating costs to difficulties sourcing equipment, furniture, technology, and materials—were no exaggeration, and our project proved to be no exception. Products that were ordered were delayed (even after wildly long original lead times!), and everything moved at a frustratingly slow pace. On the plus side, the property management company was extremely helpful, including coordinating with the suite’s prior tenants who had graciously agreed to move so we could begin building out our new space.

Today, we are adding the finishing touches, and if all goes as planned, we will be officially in Suite 880 by Monday, April 24. And what an upgrade! Because the new space is much larger, we have a lot more room to work with. This gave us the freedom to significantly update our workspaces, introduce some beautiful new aesthetics, and stretch our legs—a lot. We also appreciate the noise-reducing design and a surprisingly dramatic improvement in the view (who knew two floors could make such a difference?!).

While aesthetics are always a plus, the most important reason for the move was that our bigger, better space will help us serve you, our clients, with greater efficiency and ease. The new office includes two comfortable conference rooms and extra office space, so we will be able to host multiple clients simultaneously, easily meet one on one, and accommodate family meetings and other small groups. And individual offices that are unused today will be ready and waiting when the time comes to add new members to our growing team.

We’re so happy to be expanding our office and to literally be moving up—just two floors away from the space where LCM began more than 20 years ago. Please come visit us soon in Suite 880. We can’t wait to show you our new home!


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