ESG Investing
Create a positive impact on the environment by adding our ESG portfolio to your investment strategy.

Investments that help protect the earth

At the highest level, ESG refers to ‘environmental’ (how companies support efforts to conserve natural resources and protect the environment), ‘social’ (how they manage relationships with their employees, suppliers, clients, and the community), and ‘governance’ (how their corporate standards support conscious leadership, risk controls, and shareholder rights). ESG investment vehicles support the desire to invest in companies that adhere to these ideals. 

The Leisure Capital ESG portfolio is designed to make targeted investments in companies with strong ESG ratings, while simultaneously helping to reduce the risk of these investments and support long-term growth. Our carefully-constructed ESG portfolio allows you to align your values with your investment strategy so you can do well while doing good.ESG components

LCM’s ESG approach

There are many methods for investing in ESG. We committed to our approach only after considerable research in the ESG space, including studying the ‘why, what, and how’ of ESG investing, comparing various methodologies, and investigating a vast menu of available ESG-specific funds. Based on this due diligence, we carefully honed our approach and identified areas where we believe we can add unique value. Here is the basic structure of the Leisure Capital Management ESG portfolio:

Start investing in ESG the LCM way.

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